Food Outreach Video Recap

This video was the culmination of a year long food outreach effort that The Sanctuary was leading to give food to those in need. Not only was I honored to serve, but I was delighted to capture some really amazing moments from each one. One of the coolest things was to see my entire family—including my children—jump in and help. When I finally sat down to start the project, I realized just how much footage I had to go through. I didn’t weigh it, but I’m pretty sure it was a literal ton. Thankfully, I had a head start as I was able to use quite a bit of the footage for other promotions as well, including the HereToServe t-shirt promo.

I had never taken on a video project of this magnitude before. In total, I had 1300+ photos and videos to narrow down and edit to tell one story. It was far from easy, but man, I had a blast! In addition to the pictures and photos from each food outreach, I also tracked other stats in a spreadsheet because…well…I’m that guy. Each delivery had a manifest with the product and weight and we had stats on the people being served too. I pumped the data into Excel to calculate percentages of people being served by age/ethnicity, individuals, families, and pounds of food being distributed. And of course, we had to slap that data into a graph to really soak it all in. Visualization is key!

I shot all of the footage on a Fujifilm X-T3 at 4K/60fps and edited in After Effects and Premiere. And yes, that carrot number is 100% accurate and not exaggerated at all.

Excel File - Food Outreach Data