Caamp Vagabond

When I first started playing guitar, I finger-picked on the acoustic a lot. However, as time went on I ended up leaning heavily toward the electric guitar and traded my fingers for a pick. In the post-Covid world that we now live in, I’ve been grabbing the ol’ acoustic more and more. In addition to getting out of my comfortable zone stylistically, I’ve been stretching myself in terms of genre as well. As a teenager, I played a fair amount of rock/hardcore/metal. You know, everything that goes “boom.” But as I’ve grown older, folk music now has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of a past time that just feels like home.

I equally love the idea of vagabonding. If you haven’t read the book by the same title, it’s a great read. And no, not vagabonding as a bum refusing to work. But as an adventurer who isn’t necessarily tied to a specific place. This song is simple yet succinct and memorable. To me, Vagabond encompasses this idea of being constrained by life but dreaming of being out there in your head. I believe most of us have a restricted adventurer inside waiting to be set free. Hope you enjoy this fantastic song by Caamp!

On the technical side, I haven’t worked very much with DAWs or audio recording in general so I had to do some experimenting. I only have 1 camera (Fujifilm X-T3) so this is actually about 4 different shots I edited together. This means 4 different takes but I only used the audio from one video and had to sync the rest. I did this without headphones or a metronome. I know, idiot. It’s apparent in some areas but I kept the relative tempo to my surprise in others. I edited the video in Adobe Premiere and the audio in Adobe Audition. For the recording, I used a combination of the Shure SM58 and MXL 770 microphones.