My name is Todd Willett. I would love to sum up what I am/what I do in a few words or a nice, clean classification like alligator wrestler or stunt double. But in typical Sys Admin fashion (jack of all trades; master of none), I like to dabble. A lot.

I’m a work in progress.

I play guitar, enjoy soccer (Arsenal), and read books. I work with Windows, VMware, Exchange, scripting/automation, and everything in between. I’m a wannabe developer who sometimes drifts into web development, and try my hand at graphic design, videography, animation, and photography from time to time. The most wonderful woman in the world calls me husband, three rambunctious offspring call me pops, and ten other siblings call me their little brother (very long story). I like to experiment in the kitchen (results still pending), draw (it’s sketchy), and go on outdoor adventures. I’ve done a bit of remodeling, DIY projects, and public speaking. I love history, live for the details, and strive everyday to be better than the day before.

Other than just the things that I do, I really enjoy challenges and taking on new things. I like problem solving in general and I appreciate art in all of its various forms. Our family’s motto is “never stop learning,” and I’m a firm believer that I stop growing when I stop learning, and I never plan to stop. I mean, I’ve stopped growing in height and age and hopefully weight…but I want to keep growing in the other areas.

Oh, and puns are life. And of course, Star Wars.