rap 2

The first birthday rap just wasn’t enough. Since my ill sick rapping debut, I’ve been wanting to get back in the ring and drop bars and ‘bows, yo. For my wife’s thirty first birthday, I wrote another rap. The last one was spur of the moment with very little thought. So I started this project trying to give it more effort, but it was rushed as well. I even asked my wife to postpone her birthday by a week or two but apparently that’s not a thing. Anyway, the deadline helped push me to get it done instead of endlessly tweaking it.

The first project consisted of a free beat I found and a cellphone. For this project, I imagined creating my own beat for this rap and I thought it would be super simple to just make it happen. Boy, was I mistaken. When I started writing the rap I almost did it without a beat in my head, which made bringing the beat to life a challenge. I also had 2 different tempos for the chorus and verse but needed to settle somewhere in between (78 bpm).

On the technical side, I used Ableton’s built in sounds and grabbed a couple of free sounds to add some peanut butter to my jam. This was my first time to really use Ableton so I acted like a Cyborg and only learned the basics to get by. Years from now I’m sure I’ll realize that and laugh at this song. But that’s what learning is all about…hopefully. As in, hopefully I get better so I can laugh at this. There’s a chance I don’t get any better so you just keep in mind that this may be the pinnacle of my ability.

I put the video together in Premiere and I took all of the photos using the Fujifilm X-T3. Most of the photos in the video are from our recent trip to San Antonio. Lastly, the vocals were recorded using the MXL 770 condenser mic.

If you missed it...

There’s a reason this is called Birthday Rap numero dos. If you guessed it’s because there is a number 1…you might want to sit down after such an exertion of pure mental fortitude. You don’t believe there’s another rap?