Chris renzema springtime

Like most people, COVID hit and we found ourselves with tons of time at home with tons of unknowns. Since the kids were enjoying their extended summer break that began in Springtime, we thought it would be good to get them to play and sing with us rather than let their brains rot out in front of the TV like our parents used to tell us. Oh yes! We’re definitely becoming our parents. I started really picking up the acoustic during quarantine and we played and recorded a couple of songs.

Springtime is a fairly easy song to play and a fun song to sing. Shari learned to play that melody on the ukulele just a few minutes before filming. All of the footage was shot on the Fujifilm X-T3 and edited in Adobe Premiere. We were casting the lyrics to the tele (vision not caster) because I can remember IP addresses and useless fun facts but not lyrics. In the beginning of quarantine I started working remotely from home. Although it presented a number of challenges, there were some amazing takeaways too. Other than seeing my wife and kids far more often, I was also able to get around our property a little bit during the daytime and enjoy the outdoors. The random overlaid nature footage are my own shots taken from around my property. Lastly, keep watching at the end to enjoy some bloopers. You know I’m all about that life.