The Flatirons

Our trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado consisted of flying into Denver and then making the 3 hour drive to Steamboat Springs. After several amazing days with hikes like Fish Creek Falls Trail and the Hot Springs Trail, we drove back toward Denver and wanted to hit up. Just. One. More. Thing. Boulder is just about 30 minutes outside of Denver and one of must-see destinations is The Flatirons. This area has 5 slanted Flatirons that stand out on the western side of town with tons of trails around it.

Now, to be completely honest, this was the end of a trip full of about a million hikes with about a million kids (only a slight exaggeration). To say we were tired would be an understatement. We started on the Flatiron Loop Trail but our legs were gone before we really even started. And of course you know there were some fitness psychos who were out there sprinting on the trail and living their best lives, but that wasn’t us. But what we did see was absolutely stunning views of The Flatirons as well as the city against the horizon. Used the Fujifilm X-T3 for this adventure and like usual, you can see all my other shots in full resolution at Pexels or Pixabay.


Boulder Colorado - The Flatirons