George Ezra Budapest

Continuing to learn new acoustic finger-style songs, I decided to take a crack at Budapest by George Ezra. I’m a big fan of George’s voice and I really like his “unplugged” version of this song that he did for Mahogany. His semi-hollow gives it a great vibe but I went with the acoustic to give it a simpler feel. I also increased the tempo a bit just as a personal preference. This song is really easy to learn, but for me (as usual) the challenge is always singing and playing at the same time. My brain only has so much to offer and it takes a lot for me to walk and chew bubble gum, much less play and sing.

I used to play a lot of metal and hardcore/post-hardcore back in the good ol’ days, so I played a lot in Drop D. George actually has this tuned to D Standard so all of the strings are tuned down a whole step instead of just the low E string. Hope you enjoy this song and add it to your repertoire if you’re a musician.

The audio is from one take that I shot with the (Fujifilm X-T3) using the built in microphone. I recorded this without a metronome and then “winged” different takes of various parts to simulate having multiple cameras. I created the video in Adobe Premiere.

Go ahead and enjoy a laugh. This is by far my favorite part of recording anything.