Patrick falterman tee

My wife graduated from a small school in Southeast Texas. Occasionally, I like to bring up that I graduated from a [slightly] larger [but definitely still small] school. Anyway, in said school my wife was friends with probably the most interesting guy I had ever met, Patrick Falterman. I mean, he was a cool cat at the time, but what followed post graduation was extraordinary. Against the norm, Pat would end up forging his own path with boldness and bravery. Instead of merely dreaming, he put in the action required to “realize his personal legend.”

From hitchhiking and vagabonding all over South America to canoeing down the Amazon River, Patrick did things most of us only dream about. As if that wasn’t enough, he learned to speak Spanish and Portuguese so well he sounded native. And that’s just scratching the surface of his life. Sadly, he was taken abruptly and far too soon. In response to the untimely news, some friends started a charity in his honor, which is where I come into play. I created the “Compass Tee” design for the fundraiser #LiveLikePat to try and portray his life of adventure. For the design, I used Illustrator and the mockup/promo I created in Photoshop.

You can read more about Patrick Falterman’s incredible journey on HitchTheWorld.com. And what’s equally amazing is that Pat’s sister, Ellen, has had some amazing adventures of her own! You can check it out at EllenMagellanExpeditions.com.

Patrick Falterman Flyer