Crawfish Bash 2016

You know, typically when you’re creating a design you have tons of ideas, but you can only go with one final design. It’s not often that you have the opportunity to design the same event/project over and over again. As this was an annual event, I had the privilege of designing the Crawfish Bash promos over 6 years. This made it challenging to come up with something different each year, but also really cool to get to get to redesign and improve as your skills (hopefully) improved over the years.

I started this project with a geometric/abstract idea in my head and started playing with it. Initially I had the idea of combining different sized shapes to form a larger image, but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I used a color palette I found on colourlovers.com (I highly recommend checking it out for inspiration) and like it. I definitely could have used red or orange, but the previous 2 years were warm so I opted to cool it off a bit. For some reason I created this entire thing in Photoshop. Typically I would create the vector graphic in Illustrator first and then make the flyer in Photoshop. Not sure what I was thinking when I did this!

Side note: This was definitely the worst t-shirt design of my entire life. I think I made it in 15 minutes because we had to rush order the t-shirts. The students had puzzled looks when they saw them but thankfully they let me down easy and pretended to like them. I didn’t even save the design, that’s how bad it was. Very forgettable.

Crawfish Bash 2016 - Main Graphic
Crawfish Bash 2016 - Students