Crawfish Bash 2017

Continuining our travel through time to all of the Crawfish Bash designs I’ve done, here’s one of my favorites. If you’re middle name is Sherlock, you may have noticed some of these same elments in the 2018 design. I created these vectors in 2017 but reused them in the following year. This was a lot of fun and probably the most loved t-shirt design of the millions–nay billions!–of youth surveyed at the event.

Claws, pinchers, pots, corn, flames, and crawfish mesh to make the number 5 in this design. This was the fifth year of this event so I wanted to tie in the rich history of the event into the design.  We also went a little crazy and decided to do a big yard sale at the same time. I think the original thought was, “Who doesn’t like a good deal on yesterday’s items while eating cray cray?” Apparently, this idea was uncontested and won out in the planning sesh. I created all of the vector shapes as well as the t-shirt design in Adobe Illustrator. The Facebook Event cover and promos were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Students at Crawfish Bash 2017