know means know

For those of you who have too much personality or multiple personalities (no, I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to the other guy), you would have enjoyed this series. I fulfilled my dad duty by making as many puns as possible while diving into what makes us tick. This series for Forward Student Ministries was a lot of fun to design and teach and it was super interesting to see everybody’s results and their reactions to having their mail read. I’ve taken many personality tests over the years (like DISC), but this test/theory at 16Personalities (somewhat based off of the Myers-Briggs with emphasis on the Big Five personality traits) was scary accurate for me. It pegged me to a T. Odd. T-odd…you get it??

…okay, moving along…

I created the main graphic in Photoshop rather quickly and posted it. Since we had so much material to go through, the series lasted several weeks. I’ve included some of the slides I created but the images for each personality type are from the website. To match the attention span of today’s youths, I summarized a snippet of the key points. To satisfy my analytical personality, I pulled all of the students’ results into a spreadsheet and provided statistics for the group. These included the totals as a whole as well as who ranked the highest in each category. The printout below is my results but each student had their own. Head over to 16Personalities and take the free personality test and get to know yourself a little better!